Where land and sea associate to whet your appetite!

For a long time, people associated the Landes region with foie gras – but that was before the menu was entrusted to gourmets. On the menu: know-how, the flavours of the terroir and local specialities that will enhance any table!

Asparagus is king

White asparagus holds the place of honour from the month of March! The earliest vegetable of the year, asparagus benefits from the mild oceanic climate to flourish on a permeable sandy soil. Just prepare a bowl of mayonnaise and get ready for the feast.

Spice up your life

Add a little spice and flavour to your summer cooking with Espelette chili pepper! Go directly to a producer and listen to the story of this great traveller. Originating in America, chili pepper has crossed the ocean to adapt to the soil and the climate of Landes!

Salad days in Landes

You can’t miss it: the authentic Landes salad is savoured with hot gizzards and duck breast served on a bed of fresh greenery. However, its exact recipe is a subject of endless debate. Tomato or cucumber? Apples or asparagus? And when you have finally decided, you will still have to decide what wine to go with it.


We keep the tourtière until dessert… This traditional pastry is composed of a layer of apples or prunes and garnished with voile de la mariée (bride’s veil) –a puff pastry that is stretched into a thin layer before being brushed with melted butter. Many gourmets will add a dash of Armagnac before placing it in the oven!

Savour a glass of Armagnac

Aged in 400-litre oak casks, France’s oldest brandy possesses an appellation d’origine contrôlée and has earned its reputation thanks to its amber colour and exceptional aromatic depth. Consume with moderation… !

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